Wanna Know Few Advanced Multitasking Tips in Ubuntu Unity?

It's been few days since Gnome released the next major version, "3". And for the past few days it is one of the widely talked "issue" in the open-source world without a doubt. But let's not forget the fact that now we have a competitor for Gnome 3 called Unity, designed by Canonical themselves from scratch.

Unity Desktop ...

The whole desktop looks different + takes a different approach in comparison with Gnome 3, according to Mark Shuttleworth himself, giving the reasons behind Unity's existence at the day it was officially announced...

While Gnome Shell presents an expansive view of how people work in complex environments with multiple simultaneous activities, Unity is designed to address the other end of the spectrum, where people are focused on doing one thing at any given time.

So the battle began. From the start I gotta say they both looked cool and new. Even without having tried... some already liked them for that fact they are simply "different" :D, they are also the next generation of Desktop standards as well. After sometime, Canonical announced few major improvements over Unity such as the cool handles feature for instance.

So, as anyone can guess, Gnome gave a bit of a positive start for the upcoming Unity desktop with the Ubuntu 11.04 because now Canonical has the upper-hand of having a look at the actual Gnome3 and the user feedback thus making improvements over their own "desktop" in hope of beating Gnome3 for the desktop dominance!, eh :).

Anyway, sorry to drag you for so long in the post, as I promised, one of the Canonical employee's called Jorge Castro has posted an article in his blog showing various ways that you can easily multitask in Unity Desktop. You can download the video from here (mp4 version) and from here (ogg version).


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