Wanna Know Ubuntu Unity's Keyboard Shortcuts with Ease!

One of the key differences that we'll see not just in Ubuntu but all the major operating systems in the future is their support for touch screens and less emphasis on the mouse (I may be wrong on that one but that's my conclusion after seeing some of the "features" offered by may OS developers).

Anyhow, when concerning its GUI and behavior... with a help of a keyboard, you certainly can speed up launching apps to doing your daily activities with it without a doubt. So in that sense, below is a picture that you can use as a wallpaper which has all the main keyboard shortcuts that can be used with Unity desktop.

So unlike trying to keep everything in memory by looking at a text file, etc... this beautiful wallpaper does make things more easier + won't make your gorgeous desktop any uglier either :P. Just download it and set as a wallpaper. Enjoy!.

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