When Will iPhone 5 Is Going to be Released?

Oh I'm pretty sure... even though most of us love about freedom and all that stuff.. but man I gotta admit... I'm drifting toward the darker side of the force :D. Seriously don't tell me even as a GNU/Linux geek, you never had a single thought about when the heck is Apple going to release the iPhone5!.

Ladies and gentleman... meet the iPhone5 ;-) OK, that was a bad joke...

Well folks it seems that Apple will be releasing iPhone 5 in September 2011, if everything goes according to plan. Still no one seems to be sure about what the new iPhone would bring but it should come with a faster CPU/GPU, better camera and another gorgeous looking display that's not necessarily bigger but better (you know more pixels :P).

And let's hope that the upcoming iPhone won't be a disappointment as the iPad2 was. It's gonna be a long wait (hate those me-self as well :D)...

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