Willwill's Intrepid, A 3D Looking GDM Theme for Gnome!

GDM or the Gnome Display Manager is one of the most important "parts" of the Gnome desktop. Although we have the slightly faster loading XDM and the KDE's KDM, but for Gnome desktop, if you want everything to be GTK+ based :), then you gotta make sure the distro comes with the GDM.

Ubuntu does come with a nice looking Log-in GUI/s for the GDM, but the more you use the same themes the more bored you get. So, out of your boredom, if you're searching for a cool looking GDM theme then the Willwill's Intrepid is a pretty good theme.

Unlike with other GNU Linux distributions, I think the developer has made this GDM theme for Ubuntu OS (you know when considering its color and stuff). So if you use Ubuntu and need a 3D looking theme for the GDM ... then first,

1. Download the package from here.

2. Then extract the content.

3. Move the extracted folder to = /usr/share/gdm/themes

Or you can open the GDM configuration window in Ubuntu and simply drag - n- drop the tar.gz file and it'll automatically install it. Now you should be able to apply the theme in your GDM configuration window. Enjoy!.

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