Ambiance Evolution - Another "Customized" GTK2 Theme for Ubuntu Unity!

Okay, this is another theme that's based on the already existing Ambiance theme (created by the Ubuntu developers) in Ubuntu Linux. Although as far as I know, most GTK2 themes should work in Unity desktop despite the "visual" differences between Gnome classical desktop and Unity.

So you should be able to use this in Gnome desktop in Natty Narwhal as well. Anyhow, the main difference in this theme comparing with the original Ambiance (heck, there's even a Gnome3 theme as well!) is the lack of borders which makes it looks awesome btw :).

Other than that, it also has darkened tool-bars, better looking buttons, smooth transition between tool bars and title bars, enhanced/new sliders are among few of its main features.

Enough bragging Gayan!. Where can I get it?

Parley... :). Okay, um, first download the zip package from here. Then extract the content to ./themes folder in your Home.

If you don't have Nautilus elementary installed, then it is advised to edit the "gtk-2.0" file in this Ambiance theme (use your text editor) and delete the line which says " include "nautilus-elementary.rc" " which can be found at the end of the file.

If you want more information, then I recommend visiting simplegreat, the artist who created this awesome theme.

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