Confity - Another Simple Utility to Customize Few of Unity Settings

Some like the new Unity desktop and some don't. But for those of you who likes it, will find that, Unity gives you very little "space" when it comes to customizing it according to your own preference. I guess this could be due to the fact of its being early in its "journey", so lets hope that in the future Unity will give us a control over the desktop.

Anyhow, if you can't wait till that happens (if it happens), and looking for an another utility to tweak few of Unity's desktop (launcher mainly actually) related settings, then Confity looks promising.

As you can see with the below screenshot it can be used to ...

*. Change Launcher icon sizes.

*. Change Notification animations (including launcher animations as well).

*. Panel opacity.

*. Backlight on/off.

*. Change dashboard size.

*. Set few keyboard shortcuts... and few other desktop related customizations.

So, it's quite simple, but can be useful at the same time. You can install Confity in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal by getting zipped package from this page. Extract the content and double click on the file called "". Good luck. 

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