Does Skype Keep Aborting After Logging in (Under GNU/Linux)?

Although I don't use Skype at all yet there have been a bit of a discussion especially concerning Skype keep crashing (although many refer to its as a crash, it seems what really happens is that it simply being aborted within the console) under GNU/Linux, MS Windows and even on Mac OSX as well.

Even Skype developers themselves quoted concerning the issue by saying...
"A small number of you may have had problems signing in to Skype. This predominantly affects people using Skype for Windows. We have identified the problem and will issue a fix in the next few hours."  

Source: Skype (read this for instructions on how to fix it under all the operating systems, until they officially fix it).
So in GNU/Linux this is what seems to be happening. Once you log-in to their VOIP servers using your user name and password... then within like 5-6 seconds Skype automatically log-out/exist it self automatically!. For some, a re-installation seems to be the answer but for most it will not fix it.

What the Skype! :)...

But luckily, there is a way to fix this which I saw when reading this ask Ubuntu post. So, until the developers fix this annoying bug, if you use Ubuntu or any other GNU/Linux distribution and experiencing this "tragic" :) issue, then this is how you can fix it.

Open your Terminal and enter the below command.
rm ~/.Skype/shared.xml
Now re-login to your online Skype VOIP account... if everything went well, it should be fixed. 

1. Okay, for the sake of completion :)... under MS Windows, simply delete the below file.
c:\Documents and Settings\*user*\Application Data\Skype\shared.xml
2. In Mac OSX, use the below command.
rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/Skype/shared.xml

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