"Duplicati": Excellent Backup Utility for GNU/Linux and Windows

To be honest, I rarely use data backup tools in GNU/Linux or Windows. But Depending on your requirements... a dedicated fully featured backup tool is extremely useful. If you're always going to have adding a lot of new files daily and looking for an easy to use powerful data backup tool, then you should consider Duplicati!.

Main features...

*. You can put it inside a USB stick thus making it portable easily.

*. Supports encrypting your data.

*. You can "send" backup to remote FTP servers, cloud network storage (I'm not a huge fan of that) and AmazonS3, etc.

*. Or, just save them directly to another HDD on your PC or partition inside a network. 

*. Easily restore your data.

*. Automatic data name tagging (date, time, etc).

*. Ability to interrupt while taking backups (Pause/Resume).

This is actually a cross-platform backup utility, so you can use it in Microsoft Windows as well. So, if you're interested in using Duplicati, then please visit this download page.

In Ubuntu you can install it using the below command (first we have to install few dependencies).

sudo apt-get install mono-runtime libmono2.0-cil libmono-winforms2.0-cil expect
Now enter the below command.
unzip Duplicati\ 1.0\ -\
cd Duplicati/
mono Duplicati.exe


Duplicati Backup said...

And now there is even a Debian/Ubuntu installation package for Duplicati which makes installation much easier.

And regarding "I am not a huge fan of cloud network storage": That is exactly the reason why Duplicati was designed to work with multiple storage providers and perform encrypted AND incremental backups. If you still do not like that idea, save your backup to your own server :)

Gayan said...

@Duplicati Backup,

Thank you for the update mate (including helping cure my allergy to "Clouds" :D), lol!.

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