EveInstaller - Installing Most Popular Applications/Codecs Made Easy for Ubuntu Natty Narwhal!

After installing, not just Ubuntu, but most other GNU/Linux distributions... there are "standard things" we have to do as users. Such as installing proprietary codecs, Adobe Flash player, Java Runtime libraries... or even installing applications such as application docks and other various tools that are necessary in addition to the ones that come with the distribution.

If you are a Ubuntu (Kubuntu/Ubuntu/Xubuntu) fan then you'll love EveInstaller. As said before, this little tool basically automates almost everything when it comes to installing well known widely used apps in Ubuntu 11.04.

Main features...

*. Install A lot of application docks such as Cairo dock, Gnome-do, etc.

*. Grub boot-loader configuration GUI.

*. Codecs packs (Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu extras).

*. Adobe Flash, Adobe Air.

*. Java.

*. Partition managers....

Seriously guys... it comes with a list of apps that would take me few hours to complete :). As you can see, the GUI is pretty straightforward and things are categorized by default (graphics/utilities, etc), so it's pretty easy to browse and find the ones that you want.

If you want to give EveInstaller a try, then get the ".deb" file from here (works on 11.04/10.10 and 10.4). Just double click on it and follow the instructions, and for a change, let me try -> Hasta la vista.

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