Foobar2000, Another Excellent Audio Player for Microsoft Windows Platform!

Not everyone one uses GNU/Linux... and I thought to be fair ;) I should write one or two good music players for Microsoft Windows as well. First of all, GNU/Linux does not make it any easier for anyone to play proprietary codes by default, but that's not to say Windows does not. For instance, the default so called "media player" in Windows OS can actually play very restricted amounts of codes only (unless you install codes like in GNU/Linux).

But the only difference in MS Windows platform, since it's been used by millions and all that + they care a bit less about philosophies that GNU/Linux is based on, etc you can easily Google and find hundreds if not thousands of multimedia players within seconds.

But not all those player as worth talking about either. Anyway, if you want an excellent, dedicated audio player (no videos) that comes with all the advanced features that any other audio player comes with nowadays such as...

*. Album/playlist support.

*. Fully featured Equalizer.

*. Few visualizations.

*. Easily change between "views" (make it look like Winamp GUI, etc).

Powerful preference settings window...
*. Gain audio.

*. Supports all the audio codecs by default.

*. Edit tags of your audio files.

*. Audio CD ripping within the player.

*. Addon/Component support by using which you can easily "add" new features such as Audio CD writer, Lyrics grabber, etc.

If you want to give it a try, then please get it from this foobar2000 download page. Get additional components from this page. Enjoy!.

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