Format Factory - An Excellent Multimedia Converter for MS Windows!

Although unlike with GNU/Linux, with Microsoft Windows doesn't make it that harder to "deal" with multimedia files by default... from DVD rippers to advanced video converters/suits... you can find almost anything for Windows because of its popularity.

But one of the problems with Windows is that, although you're flooded with "options" yet most of them aren't that free. Or the free ones aren't that "capable" either. Anyhow, if you were looking for one of the best multimedia converting utility that's totally free + comes with a lot of features by default, then I highly recommend Format factory!.

Format factory is actually another front-end that's written for the one of the best cross-platform multimedia players called MPLayer... which it uses to play the audio/videos and for the encoding tasks, it uses the built in encoder for MPlayer called MEncoder!.

So FF is actually a GUI but the rest assured, it certainly makes your life easier since MEncoder, by default (despite all of its features) is a command-line tool. Format Factory comes with a full codec pack of its own, so you don't have to manually download them either.

DVP ripping (can convert individual videos as well...)
From things to converting audio to audios, videos into different formats (including - bitrate changing, cropping, resizing, change aspect ratio, add remove subtitles, etc) to DVD ripping, it's a full featured converting suite. If you have a PSP or iPhone, etc then FF comes with a built in presets for that as well. As said before, the best thing about it is, it's completely free!.

Again, this is only for the Microsoft Windows users (Supports XP/2000/Vista and Windows 7), if you want to give it a try, then please visit this official Format Factory web link. Good luck.

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