GUnity: An Interesting Power-tool to Customize Ubuntu Unity-Shell!

One of the things that Unity-Shell lacks at the moment is its ability to let users easily customize the shell itself. Although some settings can be configured Gconf-editor but it's certainly not the user friendly nor easy either. So if you're caught up in the middle of all this and end up with frustration, well then I think the French is about to save "some" of you! :P.

This window lets you do: *&$^#@#@ :P
It's called GUnity and since we all know that French has an amazingly beautiful language (especially when women use it, not so good for men, kinda destroys the "man" in you, a bit ;-) ) and don't care for anything other than their language (a compliment actually), the apparent difficulty at hand is currently it's only available in French language only!.

So it can be a bit hard to understand what the buttons and other settings actually mean. If you have an iPhone you could try Word Lens by taking a screenshot of the GUnity and try to "translate" the image, but still if you use a bit of an intuition, you can get your head around it ;-).

You can install GUnity in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal by entering the below command.


tar xjvf gunity-11.05_g2s2.2.3beta5ckd.tar.bz2

cd gunity/

chmod +x

You might want to read the developer's site as well.

After countless hours of thinking, I came up with the perfect answer!...

Find a French girlfriend! ;-).

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