Have You Tried Floola, Manage iPod/iPhone in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Made Easy!

Not everyone is a fan of Apple's iPhone or iPad but most seems to be :P. In that sense, Floola is an excellent iPod-Phone manager (also works on several Motorola models it seems) that lets you do things even the official iTunes itself can't!.

Yep that's right. For instance, according to the developer you can move audio files directly from your audio player to your laptop or PC (that runs GNU/Linux) and then you can move that file directly to the reader!. Not just music but Floola supports all the things the Apple's fancy iTunes let you to such as ...

*. Manage playlists.

*. Manage Podcasts, Video, pictures and audio.

*. Excellent Lyrics support.

*. Convert audio/videos into iPhone/iPod supported formats.

*. Fixing some of the "messes" that other software did to your iPod!.

*. Search for lost and duplicate files... are very few of its main features to mention.

When it comes to converting, it supports a huge amount of file types since it uses the ffmpeg library as well. Anyhow, as said, if you run Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal then you can install Floola by downloading the package form here and simply double click on it to install. That's it!.


beebul said...

"Package is of bad quality"..


Gayan said...


Oops :... but as you probably know... you can still install it.

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