Have You Used the iolo System Mechanic in Your PC?

I'm pretty we all can remember how fast our PC used to be in the first few days/weeks or perhaps months we purchased it. It boots pretty fast, no error messages (hopefully :P)... most of the time we are happy with it. But as the time goes on, we have to install different types of applications, etc.

Although most these apps are not the most heavily needed ones ... so you may uninstall it afterward.

And since not everyone is a tech geek, most people don't even clean their web browser's cache, OS temporary files, etc either. Most may not even know what file system defragmentation type things as well. And whenever you install and then uninstall it later, even though we think that all the files are removed but in truth some parts are still in your OS. This one of the main reasons behind why an OS gets slower and slower as the time goes on if not maintained properly.

If you do this manually... then other than few "cleanings", some are almost impossible (even for a tech geek :P). In that case you can use dedicated PC system cleaning utilities that can be used to remove you recently used file names, clean OS temporary files, clean your Registry (one of the most important parts of any OS), clear web browser cache by using a single application that can really fasten up your OS.

For GNU/Linux finding an app that automatically does the above mentioned things can be pretty hard but for all you Microsoft Windows users, iolo System Mechanic is one of the best!. Although you'll have to pay for it, but luckily, they do give you a trial period so you can decide if you want to purchase it later.

Control everything from a singe command center!...

If you feel your Windows OS is slower than it used to be, then I highly recommend giving a try for System Mechanic.

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