How to Install Decibel Audio Player in Ubuntu?

Decibel is another audio player for Gnome desktop what is written in GTK+ toolkit. It has a pretty simple interface, loads fast (one of its main key "features") and comes with decent amount of features too. Even after loading it with a huge list of files/albums... still it uses impressively lower PC resources, so it's a pretty powerful multimedia application for your GNU/Linux Laptop/PC nonetheless.

But as I've said before, the "catch" with Decibel is it's ability to run lightly on your hardware. For instance, while other known applications such as Amarok, Banshee and Exaile uses about 73/51/64MB of RAM while using, Decibel on the other hand uses about 28MB!.

Here are the other benchmarks I found while browsing their website.

Main features...

*. It's based on the Gstreamer multimedia framework, so anything Gstreamer plays, it can play (MP3, Vorbis, Flac, WAV, WMA, etc).

*. A fully featured Equalizer of its own.

*. integration.

*. Album art/cover display support.

*. Simple and intuitive interface.

If you use Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal (should work in 10.10 and 10.04) then you can install Decibel by entering the below command in your Terminal.
sudo apt-get install decibel-audio-player


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