How To Install Music On Console (MOC) Player in Ubuntu?

Although if you have a lot of (thousands) of audio libraries to "taken care of", then seriously, avoid this. But if you don't need a lot of features or would like to play some audio files in an Ubuntu Server (without a GUI) based purely on the console, etc then, MOC or Music on console music player for GNU/Linux is a pretty decent application.

MOC lets you browse and create a simple playlist using your favorites audios + it has a file manager of its own which is very similar to Midnight commander (if you've ever used it). It comes with several different color themes which you can choose from and can play a lot of popular audio formats such as mp3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, Musepack, Speex, WAVE, AIFF, AU, etc as well.

When combined with keyboard shortcuts such as pressing "q" in your Keyboard will exit the player without having to close the entire console window... it can be quite easy to use, I think :). 

Few other main features to mention...

*. Icecast, Shoutcast... streaming support.

*. A mixer of its own!.

Well, it ain't pretty, but, it's what it is :P...

*. OSS, JACK, and ALSA output.

*. Change audio levels.

*. Few color themes as mentioned before.

If you use Ubuntu 11.04 (10.10/10.04) and want to install Music on console player, then simply open your Terminal and enter the below command.
sudo apt-get install moc
The last update seems to have come around 2009... so it's like frozen at the moment. But, then again, there isn't much to "enhance" either. Anyhow, if you know a PPA, please let me know :). Have fun with it!.

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