Install Agave in Ubuntu - Excellent Color Palettes Creator for GNU/Linux!

I think anyone would agree on the fact that both colors and our emotions (buggers... control our lives one way or the other :P) are bound together, non-"removable", almost!. Whenever we see a color, our minds reacts to it in different ways. So, even by a slight change in colors (say in your house) can have a massive effect in the level of emotions.

Although I'm not much of an artist but if you are or if you aren't still wouldn't it be nice if there is an application that has the ability, once given/input an initial color then to automatically generate similar colors that "goes" with it?... Then you'll love the simple yet elegant color palette creator for GNU/Linux called Agave!. Even if you're too lazy to pick an initial color, Agave has built in base colors that you can use to start your "projects" :).

Or, if you found beautiful looking colors while browsing web or in an image in your GNU/Linux Laptop/PC HDD, etc and wanting to know the color code... then Agave has a built it "eyedropper" that can "read" any color within your computer screen (web browser, application, image... anything on your screen).

Changing colors (from codes to hue/brightness, etc) to creating your own palettes ... Agave is an excellent app for you artists :).

If you use Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal or older versions, you can easily install it by issuing the below command in your Terminal window.
sudo apt-get install agave
 If you're using Fedora Core then open your package manager via: System → Administration → Add/Remove Software

and search for "agave" then simply follow your on screen instructions to install it.

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