Install GPRename in Ubuntu - Renaming Multiple Files/Folders Made Ease!

If you have a large number of files or folders to be renamed, then doing them all by hand is a daunting task. That's where the batch/mass renaming utilities come into the action. GPRename is as excellent solution for all you who have the above needs. Although not just renaming a file or a folder, but with GPRename you can do a lot more than that, such as ...

*. Rename files and folders using its simple GUI.

*. Case change: to UPPERCASE, to lowercase or Only The First Letter.

*. Delete or replace text case sensitive or regular expressions, etc.

*. Multiple language support.

Although in the past GNU/Linux users had to do this using command-line tools (yuk :P)... but thanks to the GTK-Perl written GPRename, now the process is much more easier. If you use Ubuntu (11.04, 10.10 or 10.04) you can install it by entering the below command it your Terminal.
sudo apt-get install gprename
That's it!. 

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