Install Gufw in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal!

GNU/Linux is well known for being highly stable and highly secure. Although different GNU/Linux distributions use different approaches when achieving a highly secured environment. For instance, Fedora Core comes with a firewall called iptables and does let you change reasonable amounts using a GUI of their own.

Ubuntu also uses the iptables but has a front-end for controlling it called, ufw (uncomplicated firewall). It's quite powerful but the only problem with ufw is... if you want to configure it for better security, then you'll have to use nothing but the ugly Terminal :P.

Gufw is written to "fill" that gap. Although, maybe because it's still kinda new and all... it won't give you an impressive amount of options ... but as a usual PC user all you want is to configure standard firewall related configurations, then Gufw is pretty useful nonetheless.

From configuring things like P2P (file sharing) protocols, configure individual applications based settings, edit services based settings/permissions, etc... Gufw does make it easier without a doubt.

P2P firewall settings....
If you use Ubuntu 11.04 Natty, then you can install Gufw by simply downloading the .deb package from here and double click on it once the download is complete. Then follow the instructions on your screen. That's it!.

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