Install Mailnag in Fedora Core 15 - An Email Notifier for Gnome Shell!

Computer desktops are drifting more and more towards touchscreen based devices than the conventional LCD/Monitor panels. Both the Unity desktop and Gnome3 are one of the best examples for within the GNU/Linux community. They both put a very little "weight" on the "conventional" menus, etc because navigating a menu after menu in a Tablet PC for instance, by using your fingers ain't gonna be that exciting.

So the basic idea behind a modern desktop is to let users "get" what they want with minimal of distractions which the "old" desktop modules will fail to achieve, again on these touchscreens. Canonical started their own "menu delivering" protocol called libappindicator which basically helps to "control" applications within the notification area of your desktop once minimized with ease. Gnome3 has a menu system of their own.

Although both these desktops are quite new yet we're seeing all sorts of apps already taking advantage of these indicator protocols. Few days ago I wrote about an excellent e-mail notifier called Popper. But Popper is only for Natty users because it's designed to use the libappindicator.

But for Gnome3 users, if you were looking for similar e-mail notifier then let me present you the one called Mailnag!. This is written especially for Gnome3 which uses its menu system and integrates quite well it seems. So after installing and setup it with your e-mail account, whenever you receive an e-mail, Mailnag will notify you about 'em with less distractions :P.

This is actually a Launchpad project but fear not, you can get it via a utility called "bzr" (a program which helps to "locate" a software, especially if it's "parts" are "scattered" in different locations, etc).

So lets first install "bzr" in Fedora Core. To do that open your Terminal and enter the below command.
su -c 'yum install bzr
Now let's install Mailnag. Again enter the below command in your Terminal.
bzr branch lp:mailnag
I should be thankful to cool Andrew for this app news. 

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