Introducing "Muon" - The All New Software Manager for Kubuntu Geeks!

I remember this quote from a movie... 
"We don't wanna die because of your fu**ing arrogance!"
In a way, I think this is the reason for the KDE desktop's birth ;). At some point, those who does not like Gnome for what it is, well, they had to say that!. If you want a powerful desktop with a lot of features (which they/KDE reduced starting with the version "4", still it's totally awesome, in a way) then KDE is an excellent choice.

Anyway, Kubuntu exists for those who does not like Gnome and it is actually one of the major Linux distribution that comes with optimized for KDE. Today one of the Kubuntu developer called DarkwindDuck (David you asked for it man :P) announced an all new graphical application manager for Kubuntu users called Muon!.

To be honest I don't use Kubuntu... so I'm not quite sure how the current application manager looks in Kubuntu. If I remember correctly, it was like 3 years ago that I last tried it (while they were just about to introduce KDE4) and at that time I always kinda felt that Ubuntu's front-end for apt-get is a bit superior to Kubuntu's app.

But I'm pretty sure with the KDE4, Kubuntu dudes and dudees are totally rocking your world :P. Anyhow, the Muon comes with a simple interface but as usual, it also has a lot of features as well. It uses the same software "ratings" that the Ubuntu software center uses and displays them to your right side (see below screenshot).

And once you click on an application, then Muon will display a nice (not necessarily simplified but uncomplicated ;-) ) "overview" of that application in more details as shown below.

And as usual, it has a frond-end for the apt-get package manager (like with Ubuntu) with a lot of "traditional" information with a familiar looking GUI like dependencies, details, filter apps, etc.

As said, I don't use Kubuntu, so I haven't tested it, but if you use Kubuntu, then you can actually install Muon by using the below command!.

apt-get install muon
apt-get install muon-installer

Enjoy... take it easy now would ya, just kidding :). 

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