Is The Current Best Android Phone - Droid "Charge"??

Although it's apparent that someone Else's "best android phone" won't necessarily mean that it's going to be your best one either. But when defining the "best" if you're drifted towards an excellent camera, CPU, good GPU...etc and has a reasonable price when considered all the features, then the recently introduced Motorola Driod Charge according to the experts seems like a pretty impressive phone.

Main hardware features...

*. 1Ghz Samsung Hummingbird, not dual core, which is "interesting" when considering the dual-core trend that seems to be pretty popular these days.

*. Runs Android 2.2 Froyo.

*. Comes with both 4G (Verzion LTE) and 3G (EVDO).

*. 2GB preinstalled memory, 512MB RAM and 512MB ROM + 32GB microSD memory card is also provided.

*. Super AMOLED Plus (800x600 resolution) 4.3 inch screen.

*. 1.3MP front and 8MP back camera. Supports HD video, LED flash and auto-focus.

*. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 and GPS.

Few things about it...

Now as mentioned above, it does not have a dual core processor. As a result, even though it supports HD video recording, the resolutions are kept around 720p not the 1080p comes with most of the dual-core Android phones. But still for most of us, 1Ghz processor means a lot of power.


Video (at 720p) is from Slashgear (link to the full review is in a below paragraph)

The picture quality are seems to be excellent (I have nothing to hide guys, I didn't test it but while I was reading few of the reviews of Droid Charge, I was impressed by some of the positive things I heard, don't worry I'll give you the original review page nonetheless :P). 8MP means a lot of capturing power and the camera is a pretty good one it seems.

Battery, 4G, etc...

Well "Charge" has been able to reach a maximum of 17.62Mbps according to Slashgear. You really can't complain about that. For a singe core phone the web browser + the OS (it makes sense why Motorola came up with the bit "older" Android version when concerning the processor) seems to have pretty impressive responsive times too.

But remember, if you go through the above slashgear review page, some of the "negative" conclusions are actually "born" as a result of comparing the Droid Charge with a dual-core CPU, another android phone called Galaxy S II. So in a way I think it's a bit unfair for the phone (Droid). So other than just believing his opinions, have a look at the videos and the pictures + make sure to read the "conclusion" section since he actually sums up it quite well.

Anyhow, for a 4G/3G phone, the "Charge" has been able to achieve 6.8 hours of battery life which is pretty good. And if you want a mobile phone with a gorgeous looking, bigger touch screen (16million colors), excellent 4G/3G and call quality, good battery life and willing to pay the $300 price tag... then heck, it seems like the new Motorola Droid Charge is actually one of the best single core android phones out there!.

May not be the fastest, concerning both CPU and the GPU... but for the price... this mobile phone comes with features that are gonna satisfy most of us anyway.

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