"A New Start", Another Awesome GTK+ Theme for Your Gnome Classic Desktop!

If you heavily use Gnome classic desktop, not by choice for some since Unity makes is really difficult for your graphic card ;-), and bored already by using the same theme again and again then let me put you out of your misery :P. This new theme is called "A New Start" which is developed by a deviantart user called alecive.

The most important thing for me with this new theme is that, unlike many other GTK+ themes, this one is a complete package rather than a singe, "just another" theme... let me explain.

Main features...

*. Comes with the famous gorgeous looking Icon theme called Awoken!.

*. Wallpaper.

*. Few fonts of its own.

*. Panel background images.

*. Firefox start page.

Once downloaded the archive (get it from here) extract it and use the script inside which will automatically install the whole theme pack. If you want to know more about it, then please visit this alecive's deviantart page.

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