Steadyflow Updated to 0.1.6, Bug Fixes and Remaining Time Displaying Added!

Steady flow is a very simple download manager which is developed for (a launchpad project) Ubuntu Linux. Last month I posted about how to install it... but at that time it had a "messing" feature which is one of the most important ones for a download manager actually :(.

It lacked the feature of showing "remaining time" while a downloading is going on, what! ( parley :P).

Finally... "remaining time" is here!

But fear not my friends, the developer just announced its latest release which is now updated to 0.1.6 and with this update, finally now it displays remaining time while downloading!. If you've installed it using the PPA then you should get the update, if you haven't tried out Steadyflow then open your Terminal and use the below command to install it in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal.
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sikon/steadyflow

    sudo apt-get update

    sudo apt-get install steadyflow 

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