Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS), Few Official Videos are Available!

Ubuntu developer summit is a sort of a gathering for Ubuntu enthusiastic to talk about Ubuntu and its future plans etc. Few days ago the UDS in Budapest (Hungary) was ended. As usual, all the major decision maker in Ubuntu (from developers to CEO's etc) are gathered and users are given the chance to discuss and importantly, to ask questions directly from them.

You know, they gather around and drin.... , just kidding :)

The Budapest summit was one of the most important one from both users and the Canonical point of view, since this is the first time they've "gathered" after the release of Ubuntu Unity desktop module. Mark Shuttleworth was also there and had given some interesting keynotes which are well worth reading because it they may help to get a glimpse of the "Ubuntu future"... including Mark's usual "leadership" talks as well :).

For instance, quoting his own words...
‘We’re starting to see real leadership and innovation here in the Ubuntu community. My view on this, and it’s just one view, is that we’re [Ubuntu developers, are] in the crucible: We see what users experience;  we’re the conduit; we’re the place where the software lands in users hands. This gives us a unique perspective and gives us responsibility to take some ownership in experience that users have.’....
“If you’re stressed by decisions that have been taken then ask yourself: [are these] the people who should be taking the decisions?” :via OMGubuntu.

That Ubuntu Community is getting smaller and smaller, in a way :). 

I actually kinda like Mark. Maybe he's too cunning or, in his own words, he's quite straight. When you know who you're dealing with, it adds a bit of a stability... don't you think?.

Anyhow, as I was saying... it'll take a lot of effort to summarize what happened in the UDS, luckily Randall Ross has posted a link in which we can find few of the videos of major individuals such as...

Mark Shuttleworth Key note

Jono Bacon Welcome (Ubuntu Community Manager)
Interview with Jane Silber (Canonical CEO)
Interview with Rick Spencer (Ubuntu Engineering Director)
Interview with Jason Warner (Ubuntu Desktop Manager)
Interview with Pete Graner (Ubuntu QA Manager)

And as time goes we'll be updated with other videos as well. You can watch them using this official UDS videos Youtube page.

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