Ubuntu Tablet ,The TENQ P07

Although still finding a decent Ubuntu Tablet PC is really hard despite the fact that Ubuntu is now, somewhat largely popular and all that. But I think unlike in the past with the introduction of the Unity desktop, which is optimized for touchscreen based mobile devices, within the recent future we'll few of (hopefully) Tablet PCs that are capable of running GNU/Linux from major vendors such as HP/Dell, etc.

Anyhow, few months ago (around December 2010) we heard a rumor about an Ubuntu Tablet PC called TENQ P07 (Chinese) which featured the, now "old" Ubuntu Netbook edition. Although it's been few months now, yet when considering the hardware details of the P07, if it's gonna be available any sooner, then I think it should be able to run Unity (Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal) easily.

Here are few of the main features...

*. 1.66 Intel Atom CPU.

*. 1/2GB DDR3 RAM.

*. 16-32GB SSD drive.

*. 10 inch touch screen (resolution is still unknown).

*. 1.3 MP front web camera.

*. HDMI output. 

*. Wi-Fi/3G and Bluetooth.

*. 2 USB ports (high speed 2.0).

Those are the main features according to GizChina blog post, which was "revealed" in 2011 January after seeing the positive feedback from the community, yea, like that was a surprise. And other factors such as weight are still unknown. But the actual testers say that the Tenq P07 booting time was almost instant (not to mention of the impressive speeds of the SSD drives) and has gravity sensors, etc as well.

Although at the time this was "shown" Canonical haven't released the Unity desktop, so as said it came with the old netbook edition. Again, it is more than capable of running Unity quite comfortably but since everyone knows the fact that Unity needs Compiz by default then the TENQ P07 better come with a reasonably powerful GPU with hardware accelerated 3D capabilities or else we can use the 2D Unity as a workaround :). But again, when considering RAM, etc I think it should be able to Unity without much of a hassle nonetheless.

Anyhow, it's been few months since it was first "rumored" and lets hope that the Tenq P07 Ubuntu Tablet PC is gonna hit the market pretty soon because it's a bit unfair to the GNU/Linux fans not to have a tablet PC of their own!.

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