Udev-notify: A UserFriendly USB Device Detect Notifier for Ubuntu 11.04

Whenever we connect a USB device in Ubuntu 11.04 or Ubuntu in general, the operating system just start the device. If it was a pen drive and Nautilus opens it, then we know it has been detected. But what after plugged in, if your device is not detected or if you want to get an automated notifier that notify you information whenever you plug a USB device in Ubuntu, if so, then you might be interested in the Udev-Notify.

This is a simple script that uses the "udev" device manager which interacts with the GNU/Linux Kernel and Udev-notify just extract those information that "udev" comes up with and "show" them in a GUI. Not always, but most of the time the practical benefits of udev-notify can be quite a lot nonetheless.

If you want to install it, then you can easily do it by downloading the .deb package from here and simply double click on it. That should do it!.

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