Wanna Add A Fedora Core 15 Countdown Banner to Your Web Blog/Site!

Not everyone is interested in Fedora Core these days. Since Ubuntu took over the "reputation" FC is now the second most popular GNU/Linux distribution behind Ubuntu. But since looking at few of the criticism about Ubuntu Unity desktop in this little blog itself, who knows, Fedora may have a chance, or maybe not (not that easy to let go our identities :D).

Anyhow, for Gnome fans, Fedora Core has always been one of the strongholds (starting with the Redhat Linux) from the beginning. For me personally, I do have a little thing for it because RedHat Linux was actually the first GNU/Linux that I ever came across with.

Although compared to Ubuntu, FC may feel a bit "rough" and hard to "configure" but I personally learned a lot about GNU/Linux thanks to that! and when properly configured, oh she's quite tough!. At first I didn't even know that GNU/Linux didn't come with proprietary codecs and had to figure out everything all by myself (almost)... no internet... nothing... nada. OK, enough bragging let me get back to the topic.

One of the main difference that the FC 15 carries is the Gnome 3 or Gnome Shell interface which is aimed more likely at touch screens related devices + brings a whole new computing experience. Although I personally hate that by default G3 makes your "mouse right click" irrelevant (no right click in Gnome 3!... even in earlier Gnome desktops.. it was hardly visible).

Fedora Core 15 is scheduled to be released in May 24, 2011 which is about 9 days from now on :D. So if you're a FC enthusiastic then you might wanna showoff a Fedora Core 15 countdown banner on your website (I just added one to this blog). If you want to know how to add it... then please visit this official Fedora countdown banner page for more information. Save some of that excitement, we're gonna need it :).

Steps for Blogger Users: 

1. Now go to that above mentioned FC page and copy the code (shown below).

2. Log-in to your Blogger account.

3. Go to "Page Elements" in Blogger.

4. Click on "Add a Gadget" and from the menu click on "HTML/JavaScript" (as below screenshots).

5. Now simply paste the code into the HTML/JavaScript box and click "Save" button. That's it" for bloggers.

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