What Happened To Blogger?

For the past two days (almost) blogger was taken into a "read only" mode. And to make things more confusing, the official Blogger developer said that they've temporarily removed posts and comments that were posted after May 11th 2011 (forgot the exact time) which also happened to this blog.

So, for the past almost two days I couldn't criticize anyone which was really boring as hell :P. Although the blogger team said that they've made backups of all those posts that were removed (temporarily) but since no one can guarantee about anything, I wanted to backup those "removed" posts.

Since I can't use blogger at that time, I tried to find them in the Google's cache, but it seems that they've even cleared those posts from their search-engine's cache as well. So, unless your site is being regularly crawled by Yahoo/Bing spiders then you'll have to wait till blogger team restore those posts.

You can use use Yahoo or Bing to search for your recent "missing" posts, just go into the preferred search engine and use the below phrase. your keyword

Replace "" with your own site and "your keyword" with the phrase to find your missing posts (parts of their title, content, etc)

For me, there was two posts (especially a one post) that I took a lot of time to write about was also removed. I tried to find it in Yahoo and Bing but it was simply not there. And since G has removed it also, my options were limited. But luckily I just woke up and realized, that post is now published!. Still one post is missing.

Blogger Buzz has released an official note concerning the matter and if you're having the same troubles as me (you know, still few posts "missing"), then it seems that they're releasing those backup posts slowly. So if all your posts aren't released yet, then it's best to wait. I myself, learned a lesson!.

Make daily backups :(.

What caused this?

Well, Blogger team won't go into all the details right now, but it seems that, in the past two days, there have been numerous data loss-complaints and "anomalies" (directing users to the wrong blog address, etc). If you haven't made any backups, then now we are given the ability to write posts and log into the bloggor, I urge anyone to make a backup immediately.

Anyhow as the old saying goes, patience is a virtue, let's hang on to that, just for now ;).

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