YeoWorks Ubuntu Solutions - A Cool Utility To Help You with Ubuntu Natty!

YeoWorks Ubuntu Solutions is actually a script for Nautilus which adds itself into the right-click menu by which you can get help to fix few of the annoying things is Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal. For instance, if you want all the multimedia codes installed in Ubuntu then you gotta open the terminal and start entering commands or if you use Gnome 3 with Unity then you'll probably gonna need the tweaking tool pack, etc with minimal of efforts... then YeoWorks is an excellent little solution.

As mentioned before, once you open the application, it displays a list of things that it can do for you via a single click!. For instance...

*. Install Gnome 3 in Ubuntu.

*. Fix few theme related issues (to be honest I have no idea what are the "fixes").

*. Flash-issues in 64-bit version (for some reason, the 64-bit of Unity seems to be a bit troublesome).

*. Change the window manager from Compiz to Metacity...

*. Uninstall Gnome3.

*. Install complete codec pack (with a GUI front-end for Compiz, etc).

These are just a few to mention. And to be honest, this little app will come in handy for most of us without a doubt. If you want to install it, then first get the zipped package from here and extract tho content, say... on your desktop.

Then open that folder in Nautilus and look for a file called "" and simply double click on it and "run" it. That's it.

Once installed, you can run it by, right clicking on Nautilus and from the already notoriously not-useful menu chose : "Scripts" -> "yeoworks ubuntu" which should bring you something similar to the shown above. Good luck.

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