Asus UX21 - An Impressively Thinner Yet A Powerful, Laptop

Although I certainly didn't get my hands on it, yet from those who did, I hear them say, at its most thickest point, it's still about 17mm (about 3mm! at the most lowest). And when looking at the whole design it's apparent that Asus upcoming UX21 Laptop is certainly "inspired" by Apple's Mac Book Air.

But when considering its hardware specifications it's certainly powerful than theMac Book Air. For instance it packs with USB 3.0 mega speed :) ports, SATA III SSD drive as the main HDD, Intel Core i7 processor... yup it may look like a skinny/sexy model (female of course :P) but also very powerful at the same time as well.

But we all have seen these iPhone killers or iPad killers yet none of them have been able to beat Apple at their own game. I honestly can't figure out why Apple products are so much popular but if you are gonna introduce another iPad or Mac Book "Killer", it's not just about Power, which should be apparent by now.

Anyway for those of you haven't heard SATA III SSD doesn't mean it a hybrid HDD with a rotating SATA mechanical drive + solid state disk... again most of you know this but for those who doesn't, UX21 comes with a SSD drive and that "SATA III" part means that the SSD drive is as fast as the SATA III or version 3 which is about 6000Mbit/s (at its peak - Megabytes per second).

So basically with a SATA III SSD drive you can copy/move a 700MB DVD rip slightly above 1 second, how's that for speed.

Well, it looks pricey... :)

Asus say that they'll start shipping it in September. It comes with a 11.6 Wide screen display with 1366x768 HD resolution, gassy touch pad (those aren't that sensitive for my taste), Full and stylish keyboard, mini-HDMI port, no SD card reader (but that may change if they "hear" the complaints), 1 USB3 port and 1 USB 2.0 port, 64/128SSD drive.

A 1.1kg of weight...  although for the "showoff" they had an Intel Core i5 processor running at 1.7Ghz yet they've said that it'll come with an i7.

Although other things such as battery life, price or RAM are still unknown yet when asked whether it'll be cheaper than the Mac Book Air, the answer was Yes! (consider the "bold" :D). Well it's just 3 months ahead, so, we'll see.


Anonymous said...

The drive is not removable from what I understand and neither is the battery I'm guessing?
also, how does 6Gbit/sec translates to 600Mbit/sec !?
I guess I'll have to wait for the U36SD instead :/

Gayan said...


Shi*... thanks dude... no wonder why I failed at maths :P. added the additional "0"... thanks.

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