Atolm-gtk3, Another Beautiful Gnome3/Shell Theme!

Although I could be wrong since it's all about personal preference when it comes to something being "cool". But in my experience/taste Gnome team is pretty good at creating beautiful themes for their desktop. The newly introduced Gnome3 is no exception. I like the new Adwaita GTK3 theme.

But if you'd prefer a bit of a "dark" colors... then Atolm-gtk3 might get you interested. This theme actually is based on the GTK2 theme called Atolm which also looks pretty good.

When you install Atolm-gtk3 you'll get ...

*. A toolbar of its own, Buttons.

*. Added gradients.

*. Combo boxes and padding.

First download the content from here and extract it. Then copy that folder into "./themes" in your Home folder. This is another theme from Deviantart... thank you TheDeviantMars for this cool looking theme. Enjoy.

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