"Blog This" - Pretty Useful Browser Add-on for Google Chrome!

If you're a blogger who frequently writes blog posts to keep your readers happy and use the Google Chrome as your main web browser (I'm not a huge fan, but many just love it :D) then you'd love an add-on called "Blog This". This is actually created by the Google developers themselves and it only works with the Blogger platform only. 

For instance, say that while browsing a web site you came upon an interesting article and got 'inspired" by it and wanted to create a blog post of your own about it... then usually you have to open a new tab in your web browser and enter the Blogger official site and login... well it's a bit of a work ;-). 

But with the "Blog This" addon, once installed, it'll display/add a small blogger icon into your Google Chrome browser (as shown in below screenshot) and within the article that you read currently, just click on it and it'll open a small window which'll take you directly to blogger log-in page (if you aren't already logged in) and will take you to a simplified post editor window which lets you compose a decent post with...

*. Bold/italic text. 

*. Check for spellings. 

*. Change ForeColor. 

The post editor that comes with it...
*. Add block-quotes. 

*. Add links and switch between HTML or the Text post editing options. 

As you can see, say that you were reading about an article named "Ubuntu certified hardware", then "Blog This" will automatically insert that Title into the post as the default Title!. Again, if you want total control over your posts (image uploading capabilities, etc) then this simple post editor is not certainly enough yet you can then write a simple post/note and save it as a draft which you can use at later times to convert into an excellent post nonetheless :D. 

Visit this Blog This Chrome Store page to get it (it's free). 

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