"Canonical Might Replace Firefox with Google's Chrome in the Future"

:- Says Mark Shuttleworth in a recent interview with the networkworld. But he said that this of course won't happen anytime sooner and the decision has already been made to not to replace Firefox with the upcoming Ubuntu Linux 11.10 + they won't be able to do it with the 12.04 (in the next year) since it's the long term support OS version. So we'll be seeing some more of Firefox with Ubuntu for some time :).

I don't know why people love Chrome not Firefox more.. I'm not a GUI expert nor a computer programmer, but, other than being impressed by the clean look-n-feel of Google Chrome and slightly faster web page loading times (including the browser), okay I get the picture :D.

This "move" again raises concerns for some, since Open-Source is not GNU and little by little, now largely, Ubuntu seems to not to care much whether its open-source or GNU... as long as it meets the end without having to worry about the means.

This is also highly relative since how we perceive the world depends on the paradigm that we "choose" to believe, thus anybody with the right authority can always make paradigm "shifts" without others even realizing it. But, they will only tolerate it as long as the "shift" doesn't conflict or threaten their identity because when it comes to protecting that which matters the most, only very few has the ability to let go.

Anyhow, we also have to remember that even though some call Google Chrome "open-source" which seems to be true to large portions of the browser but it's a know fact that the entire parts of the web browser is not actually licensed around "open-source" + some untrustworthy attempts by the browser should be a concern, or is it not?.

Although we can always argue that since it's open-source (most of it), we can create something secure using the existing Chrome which is true but... as said, this might raise concerns in the future. To be honest, I'm confused. What do you think?.

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