Canonical Store Launches a Neoprene Laptop Sleeve!

Canonical, unlike any other Linux distribution uses a lot of ways to promote their operating system, Ubuntu. At their store now we have Mugs, Ubuntu T-shirts, Ubuntu Mouse and USB pen drives, etc. Although I'm not sure when they launched this (it has to be done very recently since it says "New Item", still) but now they even have an official Laptop Sleeve available for purchasing!.

This is actually a pretty cool move since Laptops, Tablet PC's and Netbooks are replacing desktop PC's in a rapid speed more than ever. So, if you love the Ubuntu Linux operating system and already have a Laptop + wanna show-off your "love" for Ubuntu to your friends and stuff ;-), then why not give a shot at this all new Neoprene Laptop Sleeve.

It basically comes with three different sizes, "defined" by the screen size such as ...

*. 13/15 and 17 Inch versions (named - small/medium and large, respectably).

*. Comes with a color Grey on the outside and an Orange color inside of the sleeve.

*. The official Ubuntu Logo is displayed in two locations. Two rubber cycles with Ubuntu Logo (as in below screenshot) on the Zippers + the main Logo (also rubber) is displayed to the lower right corner of the Sleeve.

It looks pretty good and the inside looks "soft" and comfortable (well they all are anyway) thus I think not just a Laptop but you can easily use it as a "cover" for your Table PC without having to worry about any scratches on the touch-sensitive LCD screen, once inserted.

All the 3 different sizes come in the same price range which about £ 19.95 ($32 roughly) and you can purchase it from the Canonical online Store page


non geographic numbers said...

This laptop sleeve looks so smooth outside and eye-catching inside because of its orange color. But what matters most is its function. You can bring your gadget anywhere without having to worry about any scratches on the screen.

Gayan said...

@non geographic numbers,

Thanks for the update friend :).

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