Changing Your Favicon Within the Dashboard is Finally Added to Blogger!

If you haven't heard about what a Favicon is all about, then it's that small icon which appears at the beginning of the URL entering field in your Web browser. Although it is certainly not that important but just like a Logo, a Favicon enables web developers "express" their brand to the users more easily. 

And also some other programs such as Roboform or the bookmark toolbar in your Web browser, etc use these Favicons so afterwards they certainly makes it easier to recognize since you'll always have their "icon" just before the bookmark list as well.

The Official Blogger "Favicon" in Firefox4...

Anyhow, up until today in Blogger adding a Favicon of your own to your Blog thus giving it a unique ... I don't what it's called... giving it something... "cool" look-n-feel perhaps, well it was pretty darn hard. But not anymore. I assure you, it wasn't there few hours ago :D. Few minutes ago suddenly I saw a new option in my Blogger Dashboard that lets us enter a Favicon as easy as adding a site Logo!. 

How to add it?...

*. Pretty simple, log-in to your Blogger account. Then from the the Blogger dashboard (if you have more than one) chose the blog that you want to add a Favicon and then click on "Design" button, as shown below. 

*. Then from the the top of the "Add and Arrange Page Elements" page, you'll see a brand new button/space called "Favicon". Click on the "Edit" button (as shown below) and upload your Favicon to Blogger easily!. 

Oh try to keep the size of the Favicon around 10Kb or lower, otherwise blogger won't let you upload it. After all it's just a Favicon :P. 

Thank you Blogger team for this cool new features.

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