Ekoore - The Ubuntu Linux 11.04 Powered Tablet PC Series!

Although we have the MeeGo powered WeTab Tablet PC which also supports GNU/Linux in general (obviously) but the latest news is that an Italian based manufactured called Ekoore has released a series of Tablet PCs that come pre-installed Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal by default!.

Although I said a "series" of products, actually you can choose between two Tablet PC models called Drake and ET10TA. And unlike with others (such as the WeTab) Ekoore does allow you to make certain customisations concerning the hardware, online such as change the HDD capacity, RAM, Operating system, 3G support, etc and the company has an interesting "explanation" for such availability... below, quoting themselves.
"Ekoore has always worked according to a precise philosophy, that hardware and software components are two important but distinct and separate parts of the informatcs... It is why every product we distribute, the user is free to choose in the first hardware configuration they prefer..." Sounce:- About Ekoore.

Main hardware features...

The only difference between the two Tablet PCS when compared...

Drake - 10.2 Inch multitouch screen and an Accelerometer no 3G but can be configured manually.

The "multitouch Drake"...

ET10TA - 10.2 Inch touch-screen and no Accelerometer but has 3G by default.

The "touch only" ET10TA...

Other than that, they both almost the same hardware characteristics such as...

*. Support both Ubuntu 11.04 and MS Windows 7 (MS gonna make your wallet hurt :/).

*. Inter Atom N450 1.66GHz processor. 

*. 1024x600 resolution display.

*. 1GB DDR2 RAM (can be upgraded up to 2GB).

*. Optional 3G support.

*. Wi-Fi built in.

*. RJ-45 Network adapter. 

*. 160GB Sata HDD (can be upgraded up to 320GB).

*. GPS (optional).

*. 1.3 Megapixel front web camera.

*. 945GSE Intel chip-set (including an Intel GPU/VGA).

*. 3 USB (2.0) ports, 1VGA port, Card Reader (SD/MMC/MS/MS PRO) including SDHC support, microphone input and Realtek audio output (built in 2 Stereo speakers). No Bluetooth it seems.

*. 3000mAh battery (lasts about 2.6 hours according to the manufacture).

Well, the hardware seems pretty darn good. Except for the battery life which is not that impressive in today's standards. + When considering the price of 489 € only for the Ubuntu version (=$693), it's a slight disappointment.

The package also includes a stylish pen and a leather carrying bag as well.

I'm not sure about the real performance since I don't have it :/. Anyhow, interested you can check out their official page for purchasing (both online and off-line stores) and if you do so, would you be kind enough to tell me about the actual performance ;-).


Anonymous said...

This Ekoore people are not to be trusted. I bought a Tablet PC and it arrived broken down from factory. Ekoore did not respond to my claims. If you buy an Ekoore product you can forget about the warranty. I do not recommend Ekoore.
Esta gente de Ekoore no es de fiar. Compré un Tablet PC y vino roto de fábrica. Ekoore no respondió a mis reclamaciones. Si compras un producto Ekoore olvídate de la garantía. No te recomiendo a Ekoore.

Gayan said...


Sorry to hear that friend :/... thanks for the comment. Appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Battery life way too short, and it's only a single core Atom (dual-core Atoms have been around for a while now). Also not too keen on the pinch-to-zoom in the browser (it's very choppy).

Gayan said...


Starting with the price (which is a bit high) and these issues... may not be as good as it seems to be after all.

Anyway Thank you for the input.

alcer123 said...

I bought one and it was a pretty fast delivery to my home in Oregon for 850 dollars total. However, on the first day it failed to boot, after attempting to repair a pretty bad touch panel response and on display keyboard position. As of today, I have not had a response as to how to recover; did the reset button but still does not boot. I would love to install Active Plasma on it but cannot figure out how to boot from a usb stick (usb boot not shown in BIOS). They could help us help them by enabling different hardware boot option (USB, SD, etc). I will keep you posted
A. Cervantes

Gayan said...

@ A. Cervantes

Thank you. Although quite a few (3) yet all the above comments have negative feedback about the Ekoore which is a bit sad. Hope it works out for you.

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