How to Disable "Feedback" Button in Firefox 5?

Few days ago (yesterday actually :)), Mozilla released the latest version of their award winning, highly secure web browser, Firefox 5. Although in comparison with the version 4, id did not bring any huge improvements concerning the GUI... but because of the bug fixes, performance improvements, etc it is well worth installing nonetheless.

Anyway, by default Mozilla Firefox comes with a button called "Feedback" which shows right next to the "Google search" tab. And as most knows the purpose of this Feedback button is to get user feedback faster thus helping to create an even better, secure web browser.

Also, via this button, you can "participate" in user studies and when a user study is available, it'll give you a big notification message which is quiet annoying. So, how can we disable this "Feedback" button in Firefox 5?.

Firefox without the "button" :)...

Simple, once opened, from the menu choose: "Tools" -> "Addons".

Step 1...

Then from the window that you get, from the left choose: "Extensions" and then to the right side of the screen you'll see an extension called "Feedback 1.1.1" (the version might change according to the updates.

Step 2...

Now all you gotta do is, select that "Feedback 1.1.1" extension and click on the "disable" button. That's it!. Now we've successfully disabled that troublesome Feedback feature. Such a short post, I feel cheap :).

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