How to Install Geeqie (Image Viewer) in Ubuntu Linux 11.04?

Geeqie is a powerful image viewer for Gnome desktop written in GTK+ tookit. Although it does come with lot of options and features but I find that GUI to be a bit confusing. For instance, to your left it shows the folders and the image thumbnails (which can be customised, sort, etc) and to the right is the actual image viewer.

But for some reason, still the interface when comparing with others such as gThumb or F-Spot for example is not that user-friendly (at least for my taste anyway) but if you're just bored with the same GUI over and over again and for a change looking for "something", well then, Geeqie is certainly not a bad choice at all.

Main features...

*. Supports almost all the image file types under the sun :).

*. Filter out certain file types.

*. Zoom-in or out (switch between different resizing methods from low quality to high).

*. Edit image meta data.

*. Colour management.

*. Delete/copy/move files.

*. Flip/Mirror/rotate.

Preference window which lets you configure a lot of things...

*. Edit images with already installed software in your GNU/Linux distributions (via its "plug-in" API).

*. Delete, change size, create new or change the default directory where thumbnails are stored.

*. Comes with a "set as wallpaper" feature, but it did not work while I was playing with it :/.

*. Change file associations.

*. Change image loading cache file size.

*. View images as slide-shows.

*. Hide the toolbar and make the "side-bar" and the image viewer separate (shown below).

*. Enable/disable image pixel info display (you know, it displays the pixel "locations" when you move your mouse hover over pictures). 

*. Assign keyboard shortcuts for easy manoeuvrability.

These are just a few to mention. You can install Geeqie in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal by entering the below command in your GNU/Linux terminal.
sudo apt-get install geeqie
With all the due respect for the developers for their hard work... but I don't think I'll be using Geeqie as my primarily image editor (it just doesn't suit my taste + I think if you have a huge collection to manage, it can be a bit frustrating with it as well).

But it's very popular and a highly recommended (starred app in Ubuntu Software Center) utility nonetheless.

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