How To Install Gparted in Ubuntu 11.04 (a disk Partition Editor for GNU/Linux)

Gparted is an excellent partition editor (front-end) written using the GTK+ tookit that uses a core library called libparted. It is also the default partition manager for the Gnome desktop as well. Although Ubuntu Linux used to come with it installed by default but recently they've decided to drop it.

But still Gparted is kept in the official repositories thus we can install it in Ubuntu with ease nonetheless. Since it's a GUI and needs to have installed within a GNU/Linux operating system... how can we use it on a brand-new PC/Laptop with no installed OS on it?.

Simple, there is a separate version of it called the Gparted live, which is basically a very small LiveCD lets you boot into a brand new PC and start Gparted.

Main features...

*. Add/Delete/Edit various partitions (extended, primary, logical).

*. Format and crate new file systems - ext2/3/4, hfs/+, Linux Swap, NTFS, Fat16/32, resiser/4, xfs, ufs, etc.

*. We can also use it to resize/shrink or to move partitions.

*. Check disk partition table for errors.

*. Mount/Unmount file systems.

*. Get advanced information about a partition such as - boot flags, sector sizes, etc.

*. Copy/move partitions.

*. Enable/Disable flags.

*. Apart from the HDDs such as IDE/SCSI/SATA, Gparted can also be used to edit USB, SSD or on other flash memory devices as well.

You can install Gparted in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal (or any recent version that doesn't come it installed by default) by entering the below command in your Terminal.
sudo apt-get install gparted

That should do it!.

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