How To Install Miro 4.0.1 In Fedora Core 15 ?

Now I previously talked about installing Miro 4 in Ubuntu but it won't work in Fedora Core (really Gayan!, oh I didn't know that :P). And to be honest when comparing the both operating systems, although I have a few issues with Canonical, yet these days thanks to the PPA (personal package archive), you can install almost anything (codecs, etc) in Ubuntu using as low as three commands.

But with Fedora Core things are a bit hard, well, they've always been. But you certainly don't have to get frightened, since Miro developers are kind enough to maintain an official package for Fedora Core in their repository.

Since I've already talked about it I'm not gonna write a complete list of its new features all over again. Yet as an introductions, Miro is both an excellent multimedia player + converter that comes with a gorgeous looking GUI... and with the update to the latest version 4... now you can easily share your multimedia files with Android devices, purchase MP3 online (via Amazon), etc.  So it's more than just another "player".

To install Miro 4.0.1 in Fedora Core 15, just open your Terminal and enter the below command.
yum install Miro
That should do it. Enjoy!. 


Pau said...


The command you said installs Miro 3.5 in Fedora, not the 4.0.1 version. As you can see on the Fedoa Package database:

The current version of Miro on the repositories is the 3.5.

Then... do you know other way to install the version number 4 on Fedora 15?

Gayan said...


Sorry about that pal... I did check the version and though I saw 4 (not kidding)... my mistake. Sorry about that. However, yes you can install it from the source. First get the dependencies.

su -c 'yum install gcc python Pyrex pygtk2 pygobject2 qt-webkit \
kwebkitpart pywebkitgtk webkitgtk webkitgtk-devel qt-webkit-devel \
kwebkitpart webkitgtk3 libsoup libsoup-devel dbus dbus-python \
pycairo GConf2 gnome-python2-gconf libtorrent libtorrent-devel \
curl libcurl libcurl-devel python-mutagen avahi avahi-libs gtk2-devel \
ffmpeg-devel avahi-devel kdnssd-avahi kdnssd-avahi-devel nss nss-mdns \
nss-devel rb_libtorrent-python avahi-dnsconfd avahi-gobject-devel'

Then download the source code from below link and extract it (I know you know these things, I can guess by the way you write your comment... but, gonna write it anyway :D)

Extract it. Become the root user and change the directory to the extracted Miro folder in your Terminal and enter the below command.


That should do it. The credits goes to =

Hope this was helpful.

*. Update - if you encounter any problems then try getting a slightly older version (few days older than the above latest source code) from below and try the same.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

can anyone comment on how to create a launcher for FC15 for Miro 4? I tried, pointing it to .../ but it doesn't launch.

Gayan said...



Well, just use the below command in your Launcher's command-box area...


That should do it.

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