How to Install Parole in Ubuntu (a GTK+ Written Media Player for GNU/Linux)

Although Totem media player (actually a front-end for the Gstreamer - multimedia framework) is widely in use because of its ease of use and clean GUI... but I don't think the more experienced GNU/Linux users will be using it all the time because it certainly lack a lot of features (advanced options such as - fixing audio/video syncing related issues, add video effects, etc).

But as said for everyday use ... the GUI is impressively "clean" and many like it. So if you have a "thing" for that type of GUI in a media player and looking for a similar replacement then you might be interested in the "Parole" media player. It's actually a multimedia player written for the XFCE desktop (a lightweight GTK desktop) thus doesn't take a lot of system resources on the bright side as well :).

Main features...

*. Well, it's based on the Gstreamer framework thus plays almost all the popular formats by default.

*. A clean GUI with right-side play-list (which can be hidden).

*. Built in plugins which enable it to disable suspending the PC/Laptop while watching a DVD, shows advanced information about video/audio files (title, artist, codec, etc), system tray icon and another plugin to set the window title to the currently playing file's name.

*. Enable/Disable visualisations.

*. Automatic subtitle loading (change font size, font).

*. Change display hue/brightness/contrast/Saturation.

*. Play DVD/CD directly from an ISO file.

You can install Parole in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal (may work in 10.04 and 10.10) by entering the below command in your GNU/Linux Terminal.
sudo apt-get install parole

That's it.

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