Install CdCat (Catalog) in Ubuntu - A Cross-Platform, Excellent File Indexer

When it comes to finding a specific file in a HDD/CD/DVD where thousands of similar files are present... then you need an operating system with powerful indexing abilities. Although there are several third party apps for GNU/Linux such as Google desktop for instance, yet if you don't like "desktop search engines" and looking for a dedicated application of its own then CdCat or Catalog is an excellent alternative.

This might get you all music fans a bit excited :)... say that you have a DVD filled with MP3 files, then once installed CdCat will "examine" the media and make a catalog of its own + most importantly it'll enable you to easily search/sort your MP3 files by the Title/Artist Name/Album name, etc since it has the ability to read MP3 "tag" information.

Here are the other main features...

*. Search for - Files, Folders by using Comments, content, start date/end date, size, etc.

*. Add files/folders into categories (done automatically).

It's Written in Qt...

*. Auto run/load the database at the system start-up.

*. Mount/Unmount CD/DVD within the app.

*. Read/filter files with different extensions.

*. Progress bar display (handy since it shows you that you aren't stuck).

*. This is not the only Catalog app and supports few other similar program created database import/export such as gtktalog, Visual CD, KatDeCe, etc.

If you use Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal or other latter versions then you can easily install CdCat or catalog by entering the below command in your Terminal.
sudo apt-get install cdcat
As said this is available for MS Windows and Mac OS as well. So please visit this official page for downloading it for your OS.

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