Install Truecrypt in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal

When properly used, Truecrypt in Ubuntu can be a very powerful tool for protecting your data. Although encryption in general has few of its disadvantageous. For instance, depending on the algorithm and the method (whether it's software based or hardware based, etc)... the more powerful it is the more CPU or PC resources it'll consume.

And if you forgot the master password for accessing the encrypted volume ... then most of the time it can be almost impossible to access that data as well.

But again, depending on your need and the sensitivity of your data, encryption is pretty darn important nonetheless. In that sense, if you want an easy to use, one of the best data encrypting utilities available for your Ubuntu PC/Laptop... then the open source Truecrypt is one of the best!.

From installing in GNU/Linux to using its features... Truecrypt is truly :P an exceptional utility.

Main features...

*. Encrypt partitions (including USB devices, etc).

*. Create encrypted volumes (portable).

*. Create "hidden" volumes within the encrypted volume/partition.

*. Supports few of one of the most powerful algorithms.

*. Encrypts and decrypts your data on-the-fly (oh yeah, it's fast!).

*. Add passwords to your volumes.

*. Dismount all volumes when logging out. 

Truecrypt is a cross-platform app that can be run on MS Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OSX... and you can easily create a portable version as well (more below)

1. You can install Truecrypt (7.0a version - which is the latest at this moment) in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal, 10.10 or 10.04 by simply downloading the package from here first. And when downloading, make sure to choose "standard - 32 bit" or the "standard - 64 bit", not the "console only" package.

2. Then extract the content into your "Home" folder.

3. Open your Terminal and enter the below command (the name of the file will differer according to your version and 32/64 bit )
or you can double click on the "truecrypt-7.0a-setup-x86" file (the file name, again will differ according to your version) and once asked choose "run in Terminal".

4. Then you should be prompted with a GUI wizard which is pretty easy to understand and simply follow your instructions on screen (as shown below screenshots).

Step -1: Click on "Install TrueCrypt" ..., if you want make it portable, then choose the other option - "Extract .tar Package file".

Step 2: Click on "I accept and agree..." button.

Step 3: Click on the "OK" button.

Step 3: Now press the "Enter" key on your Keyboard to exit the wizard.

Once installed you can access it via: "Accessories" -> "Truecrypt"

or just press "Alt" + "F2" and enter "truecrypt".

That's it!. Oh btw, you should be able to install Truecrypt in Fedora Core 15 or other versions (including most other GNU/Linux distributions) by using the same method. Good luck.


Syam said...

It worked like a charm bro, Thanks.

Gayan said...


My pleasure dude... my pleasure :)

Jordan said...

Excellent guide. Thanks!

Gayan said...


Cool..., glad it helped you :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks friend...good tut.

Gayan said...


thank you :D...

sonfredramos said...

I'm having trouble installing TrueCrypt as a portable version (I already have the portable version for Windows and I'd like to have the portable Linux version as well for good measure), I've tried Extracting the .tar package but all I get in the end is a message stating that the package can be found in /tmp. I tried copying the folder where TC is located at /tmp to my external device but it doesn't work. I've tried extracting the installer on my external drive and tried installing it from there but I just get an error message saying that I can't install the application. Need a little help.

Gayan said...


Hello there! :).

Sorry to hear that. The answer is simple. By default GNU/Linux cannot execute files under MS Windows file systems as in Linux ones thus executing files under them is "restricted" which is the reason for this error.

However, you can still do this by remounting the (USB drive as in this case) by using the "exec" option while mounting which makes sure that GNU/Linux will be able to execute her programs even under MS Windows FS.

But remember, this however also carries a bit of a risk that is, since now all the files are executables... something like a virus could get into the OS a bit easily... so if you understand the risk and still wanna run TrueCrypt under Fat 32 or NTFS files systems then re-mount the drives using the below command.

*. First unmount it by using the below command (replace "/dev/sdb1" with your appropriate one).

sudo umount /dev/sdb1

*. Now mount it with executable permissions by using the below command.

sudo mount -o exec /dev/sdb1 /mnt

*. Just replace whatever your device with "/dev/sdb1" part and replace "/mnt" with your mounting location.

From now on you should be able to run TrueCrypt. OR you can just re-format the drive into one of GNU/Linux file systems which is the best methods since the security is at its maximum. But then again... unless you have an special utility, Windows won't be able to read the USB (yikes!).

But as said by mounting using the "exec" is the best solution since still MS OS is installed on like what 98% errrrrrrrr :P. Hope this helped dude... good luck :).

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