New Asus Eee PC Netbook Editions now Support Ubuntu Unity by Default !

This is seriously some gooood news for all you Ubuntu geeks!. Asus, like Intel has started to give some serious attention to the GNU/Linux world... mainly due to the popularity of Ubuntu. So, thank you Canonical for that. We first heard about their first MeeGo powered Linux/Laptop now the Ubuntu powered Netbooks.

Although they had 2 other models certified by Ubuntu in the past, but those are now "old" Laptops :). For a start they'll be shipping Ubuntu 10.10 with certain Eee Laptop models such as 1001PXD, 1011PX and 1015PX. Even though they come preloaded with the now old 10.10 edition yet when considered their hardware details and the fact that they're certified by Ubuntu... all these Laptops are more than capable of running Unity nonetheless.

The reason for the 10.10 edition could be because Asus has been designing these Laptops well before the 11.04 Release. Anyhow, all the hardware details are very similar in all three of these nebooks.

Main features...

*. Intel® Atom™ N455 Processor , Dual Core.

*. 1GB of RAM upgradeable up to 2GB.

*. 150-360GB of SATA HDD (5400rpm), so no solid state disks here... good actually.. because SSD are bit speedy yet... they are pricy.

1001PXD model...

*. 0.3MP front camera, I forgive you Asus :P.

*. Hi Definition audio support.

*. VGA connector, 1 USB port (2.0 high speed), RJ-45 LAN, SD/SDHC/MMC card reader and an audio output jack. 

*. 1024x600 resolution display with 10.1 Inch screen.

*. 1.1kg - 1.25kg of weight (depending on the battery).

*. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The interesting thing is that when asked Asus officials said that...
"many more Eee PC models running Ubuntu will be available later this year..."
This is certainly good news since if a certain hardware supports GNU/Linux Kernel by default, then it doesn't matter whether it's Ubuntu or Fedora Core, etc because they'll be able to run most other GNU/Linux distributions with ease, most of the time. 

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