An Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Varsity Wallpaper from the "Dude Who Abides" :)

Well, let me cut the crap and come clean without all the fuzz (I'm a.... rap artist :/). Our fellow Canonical Desktop experience team member Neil Patel also known as the "other the dude" (apart from the cool Jeff) who abides has created a cool looking (bit darky) wallpaper for the upcoming Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric.

According to Neil and when looking at the picture myself, this GNU/Linux (Ubuntu) wallpaper can be used to create a nice looking T-shirt design. Especially on a Black one I suppose. Actually according to himself, this is an "inspired" from a T-shirt design as well.

There are basically main 4 versions ... or 4 different resolutions. So if interested why not go to this Patel dude who abides page and get it, or if you want the 1280x800 one, then just click on the image and save it to your HDD.

I actually don't think the darker wallpaper might go that well with Ubuntu since it's.. well it's too blacky.. but yes for a T-shirt it is definitely looking good :).

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