"Ubuntu Forever, Ubuntu No Limits!" - A Cool Wallpaper for Ubuntu Geeks!

I once remember hearing from a well known radio presenter in my little country saying that, even though he may have a decent voice and a little skill when it comes to "talking" :) (heck ya he does), but there isn't a single day that passes by without him thinking that he had the ability to sing (ya dude really sucked at that :/).

It can be quite frustrating to see the "great work" done by others using artistic talents but for the rest of us who has no such talents... well it is frustrating. For instance, the usual readers of this blog must know by now within a very short period of time I've changed the theme of this site (colors, layouts, logo- if you can call it a logo, etc).

*. At the moment I'm struggling a bit with my adsense CTR, so trying to find a layout that's optimized but I promise you guys as soon as I find that (if it's ever gonna happen :/) I'll leave the site alone :D.

Anyway, as I was saying, just because we don't have such talents doesn't mean that we can enjoy the work of others. In that sense I saw a pretty cool wallpaper/picture created by another Deviantart geek called TKensum which is named as Ubuntu forever! Ubuntu no limits!.

Although personally each and everyday I find it quite difficult to appreciate Ubuntu yet for those of you who likes it... you'll love this little wallpaper (I hope so). I should be thankful to Martin Owens for posting this. Thanks dude.

If you like the picture as I do, Just click on the image and let it load, then save it to your desktop. Or visit TKensum and get it.

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