VideoCatcher - A Qt Powered TV Viewer for KDE4!

When it comes to downloading and viewing on-line TV videos there are few bloody good apps for GNU/Linux. But some are separate projects (non official projects of Gnome or KDE), although there's nothing wrong with that, but for all you KDE4 users, according to the developer, Videocatcher is actually the only TV viewer available for KDE4 at the moment!.

It's very similar to the excellent Miro ... but as said, it's especially designed for KDE4 geeks.

Main features...

*. Well, as said it is an online TV channel viewer.

*. Lets you view/add-subscribe/edit video casts via: RSS/Atom feeds, etc.

*. Downloading videos.

*. Can also be used as a podcast client.

*. Written in Qt4 toolkit.

Although there isn't a ".deb" package for Kubuntu/Ubuntu 11.04 at the moment but I think the Ubuntu 10.04 should work on 11.04. Not just in Ubuntu but you can install Videocatcher in other GNU/Linux distributions such as OpenSuse and Mandriva as well.

For that please visit this opendesktop page for more.

If the ".deb" package does not work for you then you can try compiling it in Kubuntu 11.04. For that use the below commands.

First download the source-code.
svn co svn://
Now get the dependencies.
sudo apt-get install kdepimlibs5-dev libqt4-sql-sqlite libboost-dev
Let's compile (yikes :P)

tar xjf videocatcher-0.1.x.tar.bz2
 cd videocatcher-0.1.x
 mkdir build
 cd build
 cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix`
Finally, issue the below command to install it.
make install
Good luck. 

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