AriOS 3.0 is Finally Released (Linux Distro Based on Ubuntu!)

For those of you who aren't familiar with AriOS, it's another Linux distribution based on the world famous, dominating ;-) Ubuntu Linux. Now the interesting thing about AriOS, just like with Mint is that, if you build something that's based on a solid "platform" like Ubuntu, then your success will be measured by how good your distribution is at providing the things that are "missing" or forced to be missed (sometimes it's a good thing, don't' you think?) by the developers of that original distribution.

Just like that, by default, AriOS comes with all the proprietary codecs installed + other goodies like the Nvidia and Ati drivers are also embedded into the downloadable image as well. So, if you don't have an internet connection, but still want to enjoy all those nerdy movies in your newly installed GNU/Linux distribution... oh well have a go at the AriOS, 'cause it's worth it! :).

Few days ago they released the latest version which is based on the Ubuntu 11.04 called AriOS 3.0. But like many others they also have "skipped" the Unity desktop module, giving the reasons by saying ...
"No Unity! Unity has been removed as I think it still lacks a lot of features and customization options..."
Which is obviously true right ?.

A Clean desktop with a cool wallpaper :)...

Anyhow, to mention few of the main features of the AriOS 3.0 release...

*. Comes with a bit older version of Compiz (2:0.8.6-0ubuntu9.2.1) to avoid some issues which I think is a good thing since I never had that much luck running the original Unity 3D interface.

*. As mentioned above, no Unity desktop and comes with Gnome classical desktop. But as you can see with the screenshots, they've created a desktop that look a bit similar to the Unity GUI by using other apps such as - Avant Window Navigator which resembles the application launcher in Unity, etc.

*. Both VLC and the Gnome Mplayer (with all the nerdy codecs installed :D) are also included + other media players (well a front-end) such as Totem, etc will also be able to play all the proprietary codecs because the Gstreamer ugly plugins are also installed by default.

*. Evolution is the default e-mail handler.

*. This release did take some time and as a result for the first time AriOS includes the LibreOffice which replaces the OpenOffice, office productivity suite.

*. It has an offline driver installer which lets you easily install proprietary drivers for Ati, Nvidia, Broadcom, etc type hardware devices.

*. Wine - Lets you run MS Window applications (some of them) in GNU/Linux. 

Some of the totally new applications...

*. Super Boot manager - This is a very powerful utility for customizing the Grub boot-loader (+ re-installing and removing, change menu-names, etc).

*. Angry Birds - It's actually a... oh come on you know that :P.

*. OpenShot - A powerful, opensource Video editor.

*. Geeqie - Fast loading, feature-rich image viewer/manager. Although I personally prefer F-Spot like image handler in comparison, still, some really love it.

Although these are some of the main features other noticeable app such as Skype and Clementne, etc are also installed by default. Just like with Ubuntu, AriOS 3.0 also give you few main desktop loading session choices.

1. AriOS - The default session which will use Compiz (if your GPU can handle 3D graphics).

2. AriOS-2D - It ain't anything like the Unity 2D but means that the default AriOS desktop (with all those docks, etc) will be loaded without Compiz. Since this "2D" uses Metacity... you'll experience some speed nonetheless.

3. Gnome Classic - Well, you know what that is.

Anyhow, congratulations to the AriOS developers for making this latest 3.0 version. So, as a final note, if you have a slow or no internet connection at all but looking for a Linux distribution that works out of the box and looks beautiful by default, well, why not give AriOS 3.0 a try!. Good luck.

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