CentOS 6.0 Live CD/DVD Editions are Finally Released!

For those of you don't know, CentOS is a GNU/Linux distribution that's based on the RedHat Enterprise Linux. Just like with RHCL, CentOS is also well known for being painfully slow to release new versions where most other GNU/Linux distributions give away new versions about ever 6-10 months.

CentOS on the other hand do a lot of testing for their packages thus even when they release a new version the packages may not have their latest versions nor features. But the rest assured, if you want a highly stable, less crashing secure operating system (say for our server), then this is one heck of an OS and I don't think there are that many who can compete against it either!.

Anyhow, after a long pause few weeks ago (2) they released the CentOS 6.0. It's available for both 32bit/64bit architectures but at that time there was no Live CD or DVD available for the users. But few hours ago (yesterday) they finally announced the official availability of the CentOS 6.0 Live CD/DVD!.

The Non-LiveCD CentOS 6.0 desktop...

In general this is only the LiveCD edition thus no new packages nor versions are included.

Main features of the 6.0 version ...

*. GNU/Linux Kernel 2.6.32.

*. Gnome 2.28.2 (Yup no Gnome 3 and if it's ever gonna get into CentOS that would be after a long time from today :D).

*. Mozilla Firefox 3.6.9 (Forget about Firefox 5 but not even Firefox 4).

*. Thunderbird 3.1.3.

*. Gimp 2.6.9... just a few to mention.

It comes with both CD and DVD versions. So if you want all the packages then you should go for the LiveDVD since they've stated that because of the lack of space, some of the apps are missing in the CD version. You can download CentOS 6.0 Live media from this official release page. And if you're looking for a review, then Igor Ljubuncic at has a excellent one as always. Good luck.

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